How To Feel Better When Sick

How To Feel Better When Sick

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Here we go again, another cold or another flu!  Don't you just hate when you or a loved one is sick? I for sure do.  I would like to share 7 tips with you on how to feel better when sick fast.

Keep Hydrated

Keep hydrated by drinking tons of water and also drinking tea with honey.  Something about that warm Tea and Honey just makes you feel better.

Get Rest

Try to rest and take it easy as much as possible.  Sleep in if you can, take some time off from work and just try to sleep, rest and relax.  I know this sounds trivial, but it actually does work.

Use A Humidifier

Using a humidifier while you sleep helps you to breath better and adds moisture to the air.  It helps to treat dryness of the nose and throat.  It also helps to drastically decrease the symptoms of the cold or flu.  The humidifier that I love can be found here.

Use A Facial Steamer

Although this is a self care item.  You can also use this to open your sinus and help drain the mucus from your nose.  If you do not have a facial steamer, you can easily step into a hot shower and breath in and out the steam.  Another tip would be to use pour boiling water in a large bowl and breath in and out the steam.  Be careful because the water will be super hot. Check out this affordable facial steamer here.

Vitamin C & Zinc

You should incorporate the usage of Vitamin C & Zinc in your daily regimen.  It aids in preventing the cold and flu and also if you have the cold or flu it helps to decrease the symptoms.  Click here for my favorite vitamin c and zinc can be found here.

Take Over The Counter Medicine

Take your favorite over the counter medicine that you know helps in decreasing the symptoms of the cold or flu.  Some work really well and some not so well, so you just have to figure out what works best for your body.

Visit The Doctor

If all these at home remedy tips do not help ease your symptoms, of course there is always the doctor.  The doctor should be visited if you feel like your cold or flu symptoms are not decreasing.  There may be something else going on that you do not want to miss.  So visiting the doctor is always a good thing just to be sure that you are not missing anything.  

Get A Pick Me Upper Gift

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